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Raising a family

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Dating in a Bad Economy

I found out that

using a coupon on a date doesn’t enhance the dining experience

“Honey, we either use this or you can order off

the Dollar Menu.”

I may be poor, but I’m reasonable.


People with ADD/ADHD can be very intelligent and creative individuals. The problem is they are doing something at which they excel only at a time when they’re not supposed to be doing it.

Common adult ADD / ADHD symptoms: Disorganization and forgetfulness


Even if you are not a basketball fan, or even if you know nothing about basketball, you can still prticipate in the watercooler conversations about March Madness this year. Just chime in, knodding your ahead knowingly, with the phrase:

“Gotta hit your free throws.”

If that one has been mentioned, don’t dispare. Use the phrase:

“Gotta make your THREES.”

Your co-workers will think you’re a scholar of the game.

Bonus points for saying

“I’ve had it with Dicky V.”

Don’t worry about who he is. They’ll know. They’ll know.

Southern Snow Removal

Do what ya gotta do in Dixie



This was my Christmas.


NCCAF February 2011

I am honored and privileged to be performing in the

North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival

in Carrboro NC!

Acts from all over the country will be showcasing their styling in the comedy arts of

Improv Film


and Stand up Comedy

I am performing on

Wednesday February 9, 2011 9 PM at dsi Comedy Theater Carrboro NC

And hosting shows

Sunday February 13,2011 at 730 and 9 PM at dsi Comedy Theater Carrboro NC

Get tickets NOW! Avoid the MAAAAD Rush!!!




Check out other hilarious shows all month long at the festival!!

Bad Economy at Christmas

The economy is bad right now, just in time for the holidays.

I told my daughters we are celebrating an old fashion Christmas this year.  Like the kind they had the year before Jesus was born.

Very uneventful. Just a regular Tuesday.  Even though Christmas is on a Saturday this year, we’re celebrating like it was a Tuesday. No frills what so ever!

What happened to my third daughter?

Who knew it was true that it actually would kill her to clean her room!


I have ONE sister out of 4 not born in January!  TODAY is her BDAY!

“July! July 26th!”

Can't party like this in January!

Happy Birthday MaryKay!!