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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Happy Birthday Sisters

January is the birth month for 3 of my 4 sisters. I have 4 sisters and no brothers. I remember the day my last sister was born. I was 5 years old and hoping that this time my folks would have a boy and I would get a brother.

 I was just waking up on a Saturday morning when my Dad came in to tell me the news. To this day I remember what he said. “Son, it’s a girl. You may leave if you want to.”


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Amber wishes for Magic Dishes


Sportscenter has a Browns Fan


Sportscenter has a Browns fan!

Happy New Decade

This was a weird decade, it ended up just as it started out.  1o years ago we were worried the lights would go out because of Y2K. 

 Now we’re worried they’ll go out cuz we can pay the bills!