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Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Bethlehem Inn

The Bethlehem Inn was founded 80 generations ago, around 1.B.C., as a little Mom and Pop inn to help accommodate travelers coming to Bethlehem to register for the Roman census.

The story, passed down from generation to generation, remembers that joyful but crazy day when Joseph and his young, very pregnant wife Mary arrived in town along with thousands of other folks for the event.

Because so much was going on in town at that time, Mom and Pop didn’t realize who the young couple was until two years later when Mom was reading the Bible.

“Hey Irving!! That’s us!! That’s us!!!” she exclaimed. “It’s those kids that didn’t mind sleeping in the barn…..She was too a virgin! It says so right here!”

They were always quibbling. Pop was suspicious of everyone and always thought the couple were hippies because they associated with the shepherds and their “Peace on earth, good will toward men” philosophy. “Freaks!” he would exclaim. But somehow Mom knew they were special people.

“That baby never cried, even when that awful drummer boy showed up. All night long with the pa rum pum pum pum.”

Pop, however, was a marketing genius and figured out ways to capitalize on the new found fame rendered on his little inn. He started by turning the barn into the “Lord and Savior Suite” which was available for $1000 per night. Guests could visit the all-you-can-drink organic cow’s milk bar, sheer their own wool blanket, and expect a fresh dung pile daily.

Pop also invented merchandising, which is the origin of the first Nativity sets. Guests who stayed at the inn could collect all the action figures of the Nativity which were available for purchase in the gift shop. “Buy the barn and get baby Jesus FREE!” was his first promotion. Later, he added togas and turbins emblazoned with  The Bethlehem Inn logo, as well as phrases such as “Jesus slept in our manger and all we got was Eternal Life” and “Wise Men choose The Bethlehem Inn

Today we offer a wide selection of T Shirts, caps, mugs and more with our logo and Pop’s all time marketing phrases. Someone you love may enjoy a set of mugs to enjoy during the holiday season. Why not order some today!

Merry Christmas from your friends at The Bethlehem Inn